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  • eliminate the possibility of double booking
  • reduce your costs by having less calls and walk-ins
  • take away the hassle of maintaining a server, having a secure website, or worrying about credit card processing fees
  • allow you to handle in-person reservations using the same reservation system
  • provide flexibility in how you configure the available time blocks, seasonal restrictions, time limits, internal reservations, etc.
  • provide reports to help you be on top of things
  • give you access to data exports, you own the data
  • easy to understand pricing with no hidden fees
  • available 24 / 7
  • easily see which time blocks are reserved and which are available
  • intuitively resize and move around the desired time block
  • show possible conflicts with previous reservations
  • easy checkout process that does not require email
  • secure payment processing
  • order control page that does not require login

So how does it work?

Step 1

Contact us to make an account for your organization.

Step 2

We setup as many locations (parks and pavilions) as you want. We do not charge anything to set this up.

Step 3

Customers make reservations from our site. From your end your organization sees, in real-time, who booked and for what date.

Step 4

Every two weeks we send you a check for all the money that we collected on your behalf.

What fees do you charge?

Unlike most online reservation programs, ReservationFor does not charge an annual maintenance agreement or hosting fee. We make our money when people make reservations. We have a small, nominal fee we charge for each reservation and a setup fee to get you started. The setup fee includes configuring the pages for your organization, setting up the maps, pictures, etc.

Do we need an Internet merchant account?

No. One of the reasons we created this program is that many organizations (cities and counties) do not want the hassle of setting up an Internet Merchant Account, finding a payment gateway, creating a new separate banking account, getting an SSL certificate, etc... We handle all this.

Does your program handle security deposits?

Yes. ReservationFor handles security deposits, resident discounts, and other fees you may charge.

How does your program handle resident discounts?

When someone books a pavilion online, they pay the full amount. Whatever proof you require for residency they can fax, mail in, or bring by in person to your department (usually the parks department). After submitting proof, an employee logs into ReservationFor, locates the person's reservation, and processes the refund.

What is needed to get us started taking online reservations?

Usually, what we need is information you already have on your website. We require the park names, pavilion names, hours, fees, and existing reservations if any. Any other information about your pavilions, such as number of playgrounds, restrooms, walking / jogging paths, grilling spots, and other amenities is also helpful.

Can we test the program?

Absolutely! You can use our demo account to see how it all works. Keep in mind that the demo account only shows a few ways the locations can be configured. Also, you won't see the administrative section of the demo account.

How do I know when someone reserves a facility?

From the administrative area you can run reports to see the reservations for a particular date. Any number of people from your organizations can access to these reports.

Can we still take phone or walk in reservations?

Yes. ReservationFor handles walk-in reservations and phone reservations. Walk-ins can pay with cash, check, or credit card. Online reservations can only be made with a credit / debit card.

What Credit Cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

What happens when I make a reservation for a customer over the phone?

The customer would receive an email as if they placed the order themselves. If the customer gives you an email address to use, an order confirmation is automatically emailed to your customer.

Who decides the reservation / rental rules or policies?

ReservationFor only handles the reservation system and payment collection. All pavilion fees, rules and regulations for parks and pavilions are set up by your organization.

Since we rent our pavilions hourly, can we have an automatic break between rentals for the same day?

Definitely, you don't want one group running into another. ReservationFor allows you to set breaks between rentals in 30 minute increments, up to two hours. You could make your break for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1:30 hours, or even 2 hours.

Let's say you want 30 minute gaps between reservations. Somebody already booked pavilion A from 10am to 12pm for Saturday. This means that other reservations have to be after 12:30pm or up until 9:30am, thus allowing for 30 minutes before and after the 10am-12pm reservation.

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